When Life Hands You Lemons

. . . your liver says THANK YOU!!!

If you’ve ever wondered why we sell lemons by the bag, well, it’s mostly because that’s how they come, and they are cheaper for you that way, but also because eating lemons is one of the best things you can do for your body.


I’m not suggesting that you have to peel it and eat it like an orange (although I’ve done that before). Actually, one of the best ways to add a little lemon to your life is by squeezing half an organic lemon into a glass of water, and drinking it on an empty stomach. If that sounds¬†unpalatable, try hot lemon water with a little raw honey.

So why, you ask, should you be adding lemon water to your morning routine? It’s all about the alkalinity. Your body’s pH tends more towards the alkaline, but many of the foods we eat push us more to the acidic side. Too much acid can cause joint pain and arthritis, premature aging, skin problems, immune disturbances, poor athletic performance, and can be a breeding ground for disease. By incorporating more alkalinity-inducing foods into your diet, you can help reduce these issues, as well as improving your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, your overall mood, and your digestion.

But wait, you say, aren’t lemons acidic? Right you are. Some foods that are acidic, however, actually have an alkalinizing effect on the body – like lemons. Just make sure you get the real stuff: the lemon juice in the squeeze bottles usually has added preservatives (like sulphites) which can cause more problems.

Check out this handy list of acid and alkaline foods from fitchicktricks.com:

Acid Alkaline

Now, go forth and alkalinize!

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