Be Kind To Your Winter-Ravaged Skin With Sigrid Naturals

We’ve all heard the warnings: read your labels! Sadly, most skincare products contain known carcinogens and hormone-disrupting ingredients. (You can check out how your favorite skincare products measure up here) No biggie, I’ll just shower them off in the morning, right? Wrong. Your skin absorbs approximately 64% of the products it encounters. Scary, no?

Well, fear not: Sigrid Geddes to the rescue! Frustrated by the inability of “conventional” creams to heal a wound on her hand, Sigrid tried a friend’s homemade comfrey healing salve. It worked almost instantly, and Sigrid’s fascination with natural skin care was born.

Nowadays, her product line has expanded from her original Comfrey Healing Salve to include a full line of Healing Salves, Body Butters, Facial Care, as well as Mama and Baby products, Perfumes, Lip Balms, and other special items.

Sigrid is passionate about using only natural ingredients: no fillers, preservatives, alcohol, perfumes, emulsifiers, or stabilizers. Her ingredients are as local as possible: sometimes even from her own garden!  Each ingredient has a purpose, as outlined on her website.

Take, for example, Sigrid’s Honey Pie Exfoliator And Mask, the newest Sigrid’s product to join our line:

Honey Pie

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  • Organic sugar and poppy seeds to gently exfoliate
  • Turmeric to tone skin
  • Organic sunflower oil to heal and hydrate skin
  • Local honey (from Sigrid’s own hive!) and beeswax to cleanse skin
  • Organic spirulina to help ward off free radicals
  • Chocolate to rejuvenate and detoxify skin

And, of course, Love. All of Sigrid’s products are “Handmade With Love”

This product is my pick for winter, because it helps to gently slough off chapped skin, and hydrates deeply without clogging pores to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free! And a bonus: everything in Sigrid’s line is safe if, say, you got some of the chocolatey goodness in your mouth. Not that I’ve done that on purpose . . .

We are proud to carry many of Sigrid’s products, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Let us know which one is YOUR favorite!

About The Author: 
Kelly Boaz, CNP
Kelly is a holistic nutritionist, specializing in eating disorder recovery and food freedom. She is also a public speaker (TEDx King St. West, TDSB) and a writer. Learn more about Kelly, and about booking private consultations at Twitter: @kelly_boaz    Facebook: /KellyBoazDotCom



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