Spice Up Your Life, Organically

If you’re an avid shopper of the spice wall, you may have noticed many of your favorite spices turning to organic. In an effort to bring you the BEST product possible, we’ve been making the switch to Splendor Garden – The Canadian Organic Spice and Herb Co.


Why Splendor Garden?

Splendor Garden was created by Colleen Haussecker, a Canadian cancer survivor who was looking to get the most nutritional value out of her food.

Splendor Garden is fantastic, not only because they’re a CANADIAN company, but because the production of their spices is monitored from growing to processing, ensuring you get the best quality product possible. In addition, Splendor Garden offers both bulk and prepackaged options, so whether you need a little or a lot, you’re getting a consistent product across the board.

Splendor Garden processes spices in a dedicated gluten- and nut-free facility, making sure its products stay safe for you.

And there’s a bonus: each packaged spice comes with a removable label for you to affix to your own refillable container, so you’ll never confuse coriander with cumin again!


Why Choose Organic Spices?

Like all organic products, organic spices must be free from GMOs, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals. With spices, the processing goes a step further: spices must be sterilized.


  • Conventional spices may be chemically sterilized (fumigation) or irradiated (blasted with gamma rays a la Bruce Banner). Organic spices, on the other hand, can ONLY be sterilized via a dry steaming process, which means the only byproduct is water.


  • Organic spices can only contain spices – no added sugars, flour, salt, rice, or artificial preservatives.

Flavor Profile

  • Organic spices often will have a stronger flavor, thanks to a higher concentration of volatile oils. (This may be due to higher mineral concentration in organic soil thanks to regulated crop rotation.) This means that you get more bang for your buck!

Come by and see why Splendor Garden is our new favorite spice company. With a variety of single herbs as well as blends, there’s a spice for everyone from Splendor Garden!

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