Santa Shops Here . . . So Should You

I remember being so excited seeing signs like that when I was a kid. I wanted to hang out ALL day in stores where Santa shopped, just for the chance to bump into him. Well, we were blessed with a visit by a 3-year-old Santa the other day, so we feel we can say it with great confidence: Santa Shops Here!

If you’re playing Santa this year, here are some of our top ideas for stocking stuffers, teacher presents, hostess gifts, etc.



I can probably count on one hand the number of people I know who DON’T like chocolate. We’ve got a wide variety of chocolate bars, with milk, dark, organic, fair-trade, etc. options, as well as Camino hot chocolate mixes. I know a few people whose stockings will be stuffed with bulk chocolate almonds, too.



Bathing is another thing many of us have in common. Soap is a great gift, whether you choose bar soap, or a nice body wash. Shopping for someone with allergies? We have some great unscented options, to keep it a hive-free holiday.



Whether a simple English Breakfast, or a more exotic matcha is on your list, we’ve got a tea for you! And if tea’s not your bag, we’ve always got i deal on hand for the coffee-lover in your life.

Personal Care Items


Mint. Chocolate. Foot. Butter. Need I say more? Sigrid always furnishes us with a great variety of creams and elixirs to help heal even the most winter-ravaged skin. In addition, you’ll find quite the array of eco-friendly products to keep your Christmas green. Check out these amazing toothbrushes! The handle is made from recycled paper, wood, cork, or money, and it has a replaceable head to minimize waste.

Snack Mixes


There are tiny ones which fit in stockings, and larger ones for gifting or snacking. The only question now is: to share, or not to share?

Pur Gum


Pur Gum (and mints) is sweetened with xylitol, which allows it to be sugar-free without adding aspartame. The bonus? Xylitol is a natural cavity preventative, so once you’ve had your sweet treats, you can chew a piece or two and reap the benefits!

Do you have any stocking-stuffing traditions in your house? Tell us about them in the comments!

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