Share Your #MoberlyMeals With Us!

Now that it’s easier to toggle between accounts on Instagram, we’re back in action! And we want to see your #MoberlyMeals!



We love when you show us all the incredible meals you’ve made using our food, and we’d like to share them with others! If you’re cooking or baking with ingredients you purchased at Moberly, snap a pic. Then use the hashtag #MoberlyMeals so we can check it out. We’ll share some of our favorites, and maybe even ask for a recipe! (We’re always getting requests for more recipe posts on the blog)

We want to see your:

  • smoothies – did you use Vega? Genuine Health? Progressive?
  • snacks – think trail mix, crackers, protein balls, get creative!
  • breakfast creations – B&E, oatmeal, pancakes, what do you wake up to?
  • salads – veg or fruit, beans or meat, we love em all!
  • desserts – cookies, cakes, things we haven’t even dreamed of!
  • dinner – what’s on the menu?

We know there are so many incredible chefs and bakers in our community, and we want to share that with as many people as possible! Come on, Danforth East! Let’s get cooking!

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