How To Pick The Perfect (Organic) Watermelon

Picking the perfect watermelon is an important – nay, ESSENTIAL – part of summer. With that in mind, we asked our very own nutritionist-in-training Katie for her advice:

Choose the best watermelon every time with these tips!

1. Knock, Knock! Who’s there? The perfect watermelon.

That knock your grandma gave the watermelons in the grocery store was legit. If the watermelon is ripe, it will have a deep, hollow sound.

2. Shape matters!

Oblong watermelons are male, and the round, spherical ones are female. Female watermelons tend to be sweeter, while the males tend to be very juicy. Take your pick!

3. Spot-ting the sweetest melon

Keep an eye out for the field spot. People tend to want a uniformly-coloured watermelon, but that yellow splotch on the watermelon actually makes it superior. This splotch forms when the watermelon is allowed to rest and ripen on the ground, ensuring that it will be ripe, sweet, and full of flavour.

4. Sweet, but ugly

Also debunking the “prettiest is best” theory are the grey/brown squiggles on the surface of some watermelons. These are marks that occur due to pollination, and also indicate a sweet melon.

5. Ditch the stem.

Lastly, forgo the melons with stems. This can be an indication that they were picked early, rather than being allowed to fall from the vine once ripe.

Now that you know what to look for, you can enjoy your juicy, sweet watermelon!

Katie Weiser, RYT

Katie really likes food: learning about it, cooking it, and mostly eating it. She is currently studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Other than food, she has quite a mixed bag of interests. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and enjoys a daily practice. Other interests include knitting, reading, craft beer, sociolinguistics, travel, and being out on water. She is looking forward to helping people find well-rounded, healthy lifestyles through both the power of yoga and the knowledge of good, whole foods.

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