Valentine's Day

5 Ways To Say Happy Valentine’s Day at Moberly

Okay, let’s face it. We don’t sell diamond earrings or giant teddy bears. As a result, Moberly may not be high on your list of places to shop for Valentine’s Day. We do, however, have some items for those looking to simplify their celebrations, or as an add-on to a more wallet-wilting offering.

Whether your Valentine is a chocaholic, a cookie fiend, a tea drinker, or looking for something a little more (ahem) romantic, we’ve got you covered!

Valentine’s Day for the Chocaholic

Our friends at Giddy Yoyo make some of the best chocolate on the planet. This may or may not be a biased opinion. We’ve been too busy eating chocolate to do research. Tickle your Valentine’s taste buds with Salted Vanilla, Raspberry, or Spicy, if you’re feeling a little more daring.

Valentine’s Day for the Cookie Lover

For those of you who like a little chocolate, and a little spice, but prefer it in a baked good, check out New Moon Kitchen‘s Love Bites cookies. These are limited edition, so get them while they last!

Valentine’s Day for the Tea Drinker

Looking to declare your love AND stay hydrated? Pick up a box of Pukka’s Love Tea. It’s delicious, plus it comes in a pretty package all on its own, for you last-minute shoppers.

Valentine’s Day for the Romantic

You know it’s romantic, because it says so on the bottle. When you’re trying to set a romantic mood, a little aromatherapy goes a long way. Diffuse some Jasmine Absolute or Rose Absolute oil to create a romantic atmosphere, or mix some in a carrier oil for a romantic massage. (Always make sure to test the oil on a small patch of skin first, or else you might find yourself in a not-so-romantic ER.)

Valentine’s Day for the Practical Valentine

Do you have a very literal, very practical Valentine? Check out Progressive’s OmegEssential Cardio supplement, to help protect their LITERAL heart. It may not be the most romantic gift, but it may help ensure many Valentine’s Days to come.

Whether you have a Valentine or not this February 14, you’re still gonna need to eat. We’ve got options whether you’re cooking for one, two, or a whole brood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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