It’s Our Anniversary! Thanks For 8 Great Years!

Once upon a time, in the summer of 2009, two longtime friends decided to open a store on the Danforth. What kind of store? Well, a bulk food store sounded good to them. So, on August 5th, out of the brains of Eric and Bryan, Better Bulk was born.

Time went on and, like the community around it, Better Bulk grew, too. The boys brought in healthy packaged foods to better serve their loyal customers. They installed fridges, and introduced Danforth East to the glories of bottled milk and Sunflower Kitchen Hummus. The shelves were populated with Nature’s Path, Amy’s, i deal coffee, and more.

Around Better Bulk’s third anniversary, space grew limited. The Kettle Chip boxes were packed to the ceiling, and strollers had more and more difficulty navigating the two narrow aisles. Our little home at 2035 was feeling a little cramped. The boys set their sights on a new space – a space just across the street.

Turning a carpeted, drop-ceilinged Credit Union into a health food store was no easy task. Every day, Eric and Bryan tore down walls, laid new flooring, and exposed brick. Every day, they’d return to Better Bulk covered in drywall dust, looking like they were caught in a snow storm. Once it was finished, the staff loaded the food, shelving, and fridges out of 2035, and played Frogger across the Danforth to 2044. They worked day and night, and finally it was finished! On December 4, 2012, the NEW Better Bulk opened.

Thanks to our friends at Silly Goose for this opening-day collage

Everyone was SO excited about all the shelf space! We brought in new product lines, new fridges, and even a coffee grinder! But there was a problem. We had so many new pre-packaged products, our bulk section now took up less than 50% of the store! It didn’t make sense to keep calling ourselves Better Bulk when we were really more of a Natural Foods store. That following September, just after our 4th anniversary, we became Moberly Natural Foods.

The Moberly Era


While we waited for the official Moberly graphic design, Uncle Buck stepped up and filled in as our social media mascot. Over the years, he’s had many looks:

But all good things must come to an end. Uncle Buck’s reign over our social media presence soon gave way to a new, official logo. While Uncle Buck can always be found lurking in the background, our online presence is now represented by an ACTUAL logo.

So here we are, 8 years in. We still have customers who have been with us since day one. In fact, our good friend Paul poked his head in before we’d even opened and became our first customer. He’s visited us almost every week since – that’s approximately 400 shopping trips!

Our wonderful community has banded together to vote us in as Best Bulk Food and/or Best Organic Food Store for NOW Magazine for 3 years running. (You can help us make it a 4-peat here) We love being a part of The Danny/Danforth East, and working alongside so many wonderful business owners. It has been a privilege to watch this community grow and change into the wonderful place it has become.

Thank you, Danforth East-ers, for making the past 8 years so incredible. Here’s to another 8 (at least!)

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