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2017’s Top Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year again: our yearly Stocking Stuffers roundup! (See last year’s choices here.) In addition to our regular stock, we’ve brought in some special items for this holiday season. Here are our top picks for 2017, for everyone on your list!

Stocking Stuffers for the Locavore

If your loved one loves eating local, have we got some options for you! New in for this holiday season is a selection of honeys from Alveole.

This Canadian company puts beehives on the roof of local businesses, then sells the hyper-local honey. Our 4-pack of honey features blends from The Junction, Rosedale, Leslieville, and Downtown. This also makes a great gift for ex-pats who long for a taste of home.

Even CLOSER to home (if you can believe it), Nomz Energy Bites come from our neighbours up the street. These little energy balls pack a nutritional punch, but taste like a sweet treat.

Stress-Busting Stocking StuffersPukka Winter Tea Tin

In addition to our standard range of teas, this year we brought in a special Pukka Organic Winter Tea Tin. It boasts a variety of high-quality herbal teas in a gorgeous package. Because these teas are caffeine-free, they’re a great option for keeping stress levels down while indulging in a warm beverage.

Another great option, which fits neatly into any size stocking, is Orange Naturals MagPop! This fizzy, delicious combination of magnesium, vitamin C, and electrolytes helps calm you down while fighting stress on your behalf. It’s also great for fighting hangovers . . . in case that’s something you worry about during the holidays.

Stocking Stuffers for the Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly stocking stuffers don’t have to break the bank. Nor do they have to smell like vinegar or patchouli. In fact, our first option is a favourite for noses of all ages. (We’ve even found some tiny tooth marks on some of the bars.)

Another local company, The Soap Works, boasts a wide array of eco- and skin-friendly soaps for a variety of jobs. From their Shampoo & Conditioner bar to their Carbolic Soap, you can find a bar for all skin types, and all scent preferences.

If you’re  more into liquid soaps, Dr. Bronner’s has you covered. Their 59mL containers fit perfectly into a stocking, and allow your loved one to test out a variety of scents before committing to a larger bottle. You can use Dr. Bronner’s for house cleaning, showering, laundry, dishes – you name it! Just name your scent.

Sweet Tooth Stocking Stuffers

We’ve got some great options for the sweet tooth in your life – and this one’s even on sale! For the month of December, all Prana Chocolate Bark is on sale for $3.59 a bag!

And if you’re looking for a way to get the sweet OUT of your teeth, try Pur Gum, or Pur Mints.  Sweetened with Xylitol, these make for a sweet treat that actually fights cavities!


Trendsetting Stocking Stuffers

Nothing is more exciting than waking up on Christmas to the hottest new toy. Well, we don’t have Fingerlings, but we DO have the grown-up equivalent: Charcoal Toothpaste! There’s just something about having blackened teeth that somehow end up whiter than before that brings out the kid in all of us!

If a jar of (char)coal in the stocking isn’t your thing, consider Bentonite Clay. This beauty blogger darling has a variety of uses, but is most popular as a clarifying face mask.

And, last but not least, no stocking is complete without a clementine/mandarin/satsuma in the toe. We’ve got some delicious organic clementines that will knock your stockings off.

Whatever you stuff your stocking with, or whether or not you stuff a stocking at all, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!



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