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Our Best Nine Blogs of 2017

Every year, Instagram becomes overrun with #bestnine collages, featuring each account’s best nine photos of the year. Ours is no different:

Best Nine

We decided to take the idea and run with it, rounding up our most read blogs of 2017. So, without further ado, here they are:

#1 – 2015’s Maca vs Matcha

Holding down the number one spot is our most popular blog of all time. We noticed a lot of confusion in the store, from staff and customers alike, about the difference between these two quasi-homonyms, so we decided to clear things up.

#2 – 2017’s Coconut Oil vs Coconut Butter vs Coconut Manna

Similar to the #1 spot, this was another blog designed to clear up confusion. One of the most returned items in the store is coconut butter/manna, by those who thought they were buying coconut oil. Nowadays, we try to confirm with anyone buying any of the three that they are, in fact, getting the product they intended

#3 – 2014’s B12 and Iron Sources for Vegetarians

The #3 spot is occupied by the third installment of a 3-part series. We often get questions from parents whose children are trying out vegetarianism on what they need to do to stay healthy. This installment covers the ever-elusive B12 and Iron.

#4 – 2017’s Fermented Food Trend

The top food trend of 2017 was one many of us have known and loved for a long time: fermented food. In this post, we broke down all different kinds of fermented foods and beverages, and how to enjoy them.

#5 – 2017’s NOW Best of Toronto Nominations

Every year, we do a roundup of our neighbourhood’s NOW Best of Toronto Nominations, and boy were there a lot this year! Stay tuned in a few months for the next installment!

#6 – 2015’s Turmeric vs Curcumin

Another confusing twosome, explained. Which is which? Which should you supplement? What does it do?

#7 – The Legend of Uncle Buck Moberly

Okay, technically not a blog, but we love Uncle Buck too much to disinclude him. Have you ever wondered who that dapper gent is, smirking out at you from the picture behind cash? This post has all the answers.

Buck's Best Nine

Buck’s Best Nine

#8 – 2014’s Fat Sources for Vegetarians

Part two of the vegetarian series discusses the importance of fats in a vegetarian diet, and good sources thereof. If we’d extended this list to a top ten, part one would have made the list, too. (Here it is, in case you’re wondering about vegetarian protein)

#9 – 2017’s Urban Gardening Guide with Dirty Girl

Our final top blog of 2017 is our friend Dirty Girl’s how-to on Urban Gardening. If you’re looking to plant your own garden this year, whether in a back yard or on a balcony, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Thanks for reading along with us this year, and for your insightful questions and comments. Here’s to an even better, healthier 2018!

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