Last-Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Oh dear, it’s tomorrow, isn’t it? It’s Valentines Day – that one day a year that everyone SWEARS they don’t care about, but heaven help you if you forget it! Nobody wants to navigate the Eaton Centre today, so what are you going to do?!? Never fear! We’ve got your back.

For Your Swee-tea

Nothing says love quite like this Pukka Tea. Literally. It says “love” right on the box. Bonus: the box is pretty enough that you don’t even need to wrap it. I mean, you SHOULD, but if you’re really pressed for time, it’ll do!

Pukka Winter Tea Tin

We also still have a few of our Winter Tea Tins left. Think of this as a step up from a simple box of tea.

Valentines Day Gifts For The Sweet Tooth

Chocolate, amirite? Giddy Yoyo’s chocolate bars are vegan, gluten free, organic, and – get this – made with love. It says so on the ingredients list. Grab a few in festive colours to keep your Valentine feeling the love all day long.

Give The Gift of A Foot Massage

┬áMint Chocolate Foot Butter doesn’t have to be a hint that your loved one has stinky feet (although it could be). This product from Sigrid’s┬ácan be paired with a gift certificate for a foot massage. Look, we made one for you! All you have to do is print it out:

The Gift of Uninterrupted Bathtime

Epsom Salts

This one’s a great option for the parents out there. Draw a relaxing epsom salt bath, light some candles, and spirit away the kids, so your loved one can have an uninterrupted soak. Trust me – they’ll thank you.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You know your partner best – come on in and pick up a few of their favourite items. We’re here til 7, and we promise not to tell if you come in at 6:55.

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