DIY Natural Fabric Spray

People often ask if we carry a natural Febreeze alternative. Technically, no. But we do carry (almost) all the necessary ingredients to make your own fabric spray. So, with just a quick stop at Moberly, (and one at the liquor store), you’ll have everything you need to keep your fabrics smelling sweet, without all the harmful additives […]

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Here’s How To Incorporate Matcha, One of 2018’s Hottest Food Trends, Into Your Life

According to The Toronto Star, mushrooms, matcha, and . . . cheese foam(?) are the biggest food trends of 2018. While we’re not too sure about that last one, we’re especially excited that matcha made the list. We’ve written about matcha before, but only in contrast to its pseudo-homonym maca. Since it’s bound to become […]

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Best Nine

Our Best Nine Blogs of 2017

Every year, Instagram becomes overrun with #bestnine collages, featuring each account’s best nine photos of the year. Ours is no different: We decided to take the idea and run with it, rounding up our most read blogs of 2017. So, without further ado, here they are: #1 – 2015’s Maca vs Matcha Holding down the […]

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Relationship With Food

How To Have A Better Relationship With Food This Holiday Season

Have you been paying attention to the ads popping up in your social media feeds? This is the time of year when shame- and fear-based advertising skyrockets. Diet companies warn you about holiday weight gain. Gyms start advertising their New Year’s “Fix-It” programs. Basically, you’re being marketed the idea that you’re out of control, and […]

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